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The BMW M 1000 RR

Racing like no other

Your competitive spirit drives you. Your passion dominates and challenges you. The search for more defines every millisecond: pure motorsport. High performance, high-tech materials, the highest-quality workmanship and exclusivity down to the last detail: The M RR is the first M model from BMW Motorrad. Its genes come directly from professional racing. The M RR and M RR with M Competition package offers pure racing technology for the highest performance demands in motorsport and for adrenalin-driven perfectionists on the road. Because #NeverStopChallenging is more than a promise. It’s a commitment.

Resistance? Irresistible

We see the M RR in front of a rotating turbine when the sun is shining.

An interplay of highlights

M milled parts and M carbon parts
We see the M milled parts and M carbon parts of the M RR in the footrest system.
M braking system
We see the M brake of the M RR with a blue brake piston.
M Winglets and high windscreen
We see the M Winglets on the side of the M RR.
The design – clearly BMW M
We see the asymmetrical colour concept of the M RR with the basic colours light blue, dark blue and red.
M Carbon wheels
We see the rear carbon wheel of the M RR in detail.
Launch animation with M logo
We see the launch animation with an M logo in the cockpit of the M RR.
Full-titanium exhaust system
We see the full-titanium exhaust system of the M RR.
Pure performance: the engine
We see the engine of the M RR.



Tom Sykes

BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Rider

Born on the Racetrack

km/h maximum speed
kW (212 hp) at 14,500 rpm
km/h maximum speed (min.) in the race track gear ratio
seconds for acceleration 0-100 km/h
Water/oil-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine

Pure will to win

The assembly of the M RR has been developed in sports racing and perfected for the road. For this purpose, we have increased the power of the four-cylinder in-line engine from the RR: For a higher torque in the mid-range. And we have increased the maximum speed by 500 rpm to 15,100 rpm. The titanium connecting rods are lighter, the rocker arms are 1.5 mm narrower, the airbox funnel has been shortened for better load changes: Millimetre work for milliseconds. In addition, there are 2-ring forged pistons with cross-ribbing and cylinder heads with new channel geometry and reinforced bearing brackets. Overall result: More dynamics and reduced mass inertia. For a shorter ratio, even the sprocket has been given a tooth and the chain itself and the wheelbase have also been lengthened. The anti-hopping clutch works without self-reinforcement – for the perfect launch control.

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Cuts through marrow and bone – and through asphalt

Ready for everything – except compromises

We see the winglets of the M RR.

More pressure: the M Winglets

The contact pressure also determines victory or defeat. The M winglets made of carbon generate a downforce of 16.3 kg. In combination with the high windscreen, you can convert more power into pure propulsion. Before the curve, in the curve, and when accelerating out of the curve. The front wheel pulls straight into the apex and the fork keeps contact with the ground; the DTC has to intervene less. And you save the wheelie for the finish line.

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Intuitive, clear, honest, direct – this is how feedback should be

Intuitive, clear, honest, direct – this is how feedback should be

Only what you feel will drive you forward. The chassis and geometry of the M RR are trimmed for the racetrack. For more performance on the track and in the pits. The drivability, braking and starting pitch compensation provide more feeling for the front and rear wheel. Even on country roads. The longer wheelbase makes the M RR much more comfortable. The easily adjustable pivot point has been rescaled and enlarged. And the new rear axle – also thanks to the adapted brake piston – allows quick rear-wheel changes. This is where the pit lane meets your will to perfection.

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Uncompromising acceleration – but the other way round

We have developed the best brake piston on the market for us. One result, three words: Best in class. We have optimised the fluid balance for greater pressure point stability. In addition to the standard brake pad, you can also choose a different one. This comes from the Endurance World Championship and is intended exclusively for the racetrack. Together with the ideally combined operating element and saddle, this results in maximum brake stability and feedback, as well as superb coordination with the RACE ABS. The M brake is therefore an ideal reference.

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The look of a winner

Two versions, one goal: Pure performance

Every M RR stands for absolute dedication and the will to perform. In its basic version, it is made for racing – and working on grams and milliseconds. With the M Competition Package, it boasts M milled parts and M carbon parts and highlights the sporty look.

M RR in Light white/M Motorsport

Born on the racetrack. And that’s exactly where your M RR will take you back again and again. Always on the search for perfection. Right down to the millimetre.

M RR with M Competition Package

This is where the experience of the racetrack, such as the M GPS Laptrigger, and design come together in pure culture. And you’ll get plenty of stares on the road.

M RR 50 Years M

The M RR 50 Years M in Sao Paulo Yellow as well as the 50 Years M emblem stand out and the standard M Competition package clearly shows the race DNA: clearly M.

Circuits know no end – neither does perfection

Circuits know no end – neither does perfection

Can perfection be increased? Decide for yourself: The M RR is available as a basic version and optionally as an M RR with the Competition Package. In addition, we offer you numerous M Performance Parts to customise your M RR. Many of the parts can be installed quickly, turning your street version of the M RR into a racetrack machine in minutes. But even here there is room for improvement: the M RR with M Performance Race Parts – here only the racetrack counts.

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Your perfection – your bike

Your perfection – your bike

With the M RR and the M RR with competition package we have already put together two perfectly tuned bikes for you. You want to challenge yourself and your limits even more? To further individualize the new M RR, we’re offering you a comprehensive range of optional extras and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories.

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The M RR 50 Years M

The M RR 50 Years M

M has been the worldwide synonym for 50 years, symbolising motivation and passion for racing technology and racing success, as well as for perfection and top performance in cars and motorcycles. The M RR 50 Years M combines precisely this historic motorsport DNA: for everyone with particularly high demands in terms of performance, exclusivity and individuality.

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The strongest letter in the world

M is synonymous worldwide with success in racing and is aimed at riders with particularly high demands regarding performance, exclusivity and individuality. Find out more about the M RR and the M family here.

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