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R nineT Scrambler

Honest. Untamed. Air-cooled.

Feel the wind, lean into every curve and experience the freedom in every meter you ride – the BMW R nineT Scrambler empowers you to do your own thing. Tough, unconventional, and against established standards, it goes wherever you want. Made for true characters who want their bike to be pure, minimalistic and break all the rules.

See, hear, feel.

The unique sound of the R nineT Scrambler is a real attention grabber. The classic 1200 ccm boxer engine and its high-positioned dual silencer give the bike powerful propulsion and ensure that its voice is heard.
Compared to the R nineT, the handlebars are placed higher and the comfortable seat is repositioned. That ensures a confident but relaxed sitting position for every rider. In combination with the slightly longer spring travel, you’ll overcome any rough spots with ease.

No limits.

Offroad tyres, a high-positioned exhaust system, typical pair of bellows and a relaxed, upright sitting position – even at a first glance, you’ll see that with the typical Scrambler design no tour has to end where the street does. The 19 inch front wheel, the analogue tachometer, a purist steel tank in Stereo metallic matt and other unique details turn the Scrambler into a high-quality classic. And with just a few steps you can give the R nineT Scrambler your own individual touch.

Another visual highlight is the seat bench in a leather look. It is impermeable with a high level of workmanship, focusing on the authentic surface and design. Therefore, wearing clothing, such as dark washed jeans, can lead to staining of the seat bench. Discolorations and visual effects of this kind as patina are welcomed and not considered defects.

Typical Scrambler. Typical BMW Motorrad. The R nineT Scrambler is at the highest level in matters of safety, reliability and quality. Standard ABS and ASC ensure your safety.
Riding without rules. Make your statement with the R nineT Scrambler.

Type Air/oil-cooled flat twin (‚Boxer‘) 4-stroke engine, two camshafts and four radially aligned valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft
Bore x stroke 101 mm x 73 mm
Capacity 1,170 cc
Rated output 81 kW (110 hp) at 7,750 rpm
Max. torque 116 Nm at 6,000 rpm
Compression ratio 12.0 : 1
Mixture control / engine management Electronic intake pipe injection
Emission control Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-4
Performance / fuel consumption
Maximum speed over 200 km/h
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 90 km/h 4.5 l
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 120 km/h 5.9 l
Fuel type Unleaded fuel, octane number 95-98 RON (rated output at 98 RON)
Electrical system
Alternator three-phase alternator 720 W
Battery 12 V / 14 Ah, maintenance-free
Power transmission
Clutch Single dry plate clutch, hydraulically operated
Gearbox Constant mesh 6-speed gearbox with helical gear teeth
Drive Shaft drive
Chassis / brakes
Frame three-section frame consisting of one front and two rear sections, load-bearing engine-gearbox unit, removeable pillion frame for single ride use
Front wheel location / suspension Telescopic forks with 43 mm fixed-tube diameter
Rear wheel location / suspension Cast aluminium single swinging arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever; central spring strut, spring preload steplessly adjustable by hook wrench, rebound-stage damping adjustable
Suspension travel front / rear 125 mm / 140 mm
Wheelbase 1,522 mm
Castor 116.1 mm
Steering head angle 61°
Wheels Cast wheels
Rim, front 3.00 x 19″
Rim, rear 4.50 x 17″
Tyres, front 120/70 R 19
Tyres, rear 170/60 R 17
Brake, front Twin-disc brakes, diameter 320 mm, 4-piston callipers
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 265 mm, double-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS
Dimensions / weights
Length 2,175 mm
Width (incl. mirrors) 880 mm
Height (excl. mirrors) 1,330 mm
Seat height, unladen weight 820 mm
Inner leg curve, unladen weight 1,830 mm
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 1) 220 kg
Permitted total weight 430 kg
Payload (with standard equipment) 210 kg
Usable tank volume 17 l
Reserve app. 3.5 l

Technical data relate to the unladen weight (DIN)
1) According to Directive 93/93/EEC with all fluids, fuelled to at least 90% of usable fuel tank

Tank rucksack

Practical and stylish in one – the waterproof tank bag made of Canvas provides 11 liter of storage space.

• Water-repellent Canvas outer fabric made of polyurethane, polyester and cotton
• Waterproof main compartment, approx. 11 l
• Patch-type outside pocket on lid, water-repellent
• Transparent pocket, highly water-repellent, easily accessible via double-sided zip fastener in the main pocket, with anti-slip PU layer
• Small mesh compartment on inside of lid
• Optimum fit as the bottom is moulded EVA, shaped for a snug fit and with an anti-slip PU surface layer
• Practical carry handle at front
• Snap fasteners made of brushed metal with stamped BMW logotype, two hook loops
• Small metal label with BMW Motorrad logotype at back
• Base plate with anti-slip coating and opening for fuel filler cap
• Dimensions (LxWxH): Approx. 38x28x19 cm
• Colour: Black

Rear softbag

Going on a journey – the waterproof rear softbag made of Canvas provides plenty of luggage space (40 l).

• Water-repellent Canvas outer fabric made of polyurethane, polyester and cotton
• Waterproof main compartment, approx. 40 l
• 2 patch-type side pockets, water-repellent
• Optimum fit as the bottom is moulded EVA, shaped for a snug fit on the passenger seat and with an anti-slip PU surface layer
• Shoulder strap (removable, adjustable, padded) and carry handle
• 2 adjustable belts for adjusting volume and for strapping extra luggage to the outside of the bag
• Snap fasteners made of brushed metal with stamped BMW model inscription, multiple hook loops
• Small metal label with BMW Motorrad logotype
• Attractively designed,matches the tank rucksack
• Scope of supply: rear softbag, attachments, anti-chafing protection, instructions for use
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 50x33x37 cm
• Colour: Black

Aluminium tank hand brushed

The aluminium tank is manufactured as per BMW quality standards and is brushed by hand to create its unique surface structure. This means no tank is like any other, making each tank a unique one.

• Aluminium tank hand brushed and with a glossy clear finish
• Available with the weld seams either left visible or ground down
• Hand-crafted character, so high degree of individuality
• Hand-brushed finish so unique surface structure (each unit is a one-off)
• Exclusive, very elegant look
• High-quality workmanship to BMW quality standards
• Shape and volume are the same as the standard tank
• Significantly lighter compared to the steel standard tank (- 3.7 kg)
• Usable tank capacity: approx. 18 l, including approx. 3 l reserve
• Scope of supply: Fuel tank (without BMW badges)
• Also available as optional extra

Knee pads

Knee pads complete the Heritage look and also protect the tank from scratches.

• Ergonomically shaped rubber pads for the right and left sides of the fuel tank
• Stylish design element in Heritage look
• Protect the tank from being scratched
• Colour: Black

Cylinder head covers

It is now possible to make even more customisations thanks to the cylinder head covers with different designs. Whether chrome, silver or black – each variant contributes to a visual improvement.

• Different designs of cylinder head covers
• Either an elegant chrome design (with mounting bolts made of chrome) or colour variants in silver or black
• Visual enhancement and refinement
• The shape is identical to the granite-grey standard cylinder head cover

Matt, chrome-plated housing for the instrument cluster

The matt, chrome-plated housing for the instrument cluster improves the look of the motorcycle.

• Elegant housing with matt chrome surface
• Visual enhancement and customisation
• Replaces the standard, black housing

End caps for the handlebars

The end caps for the handlebars in silver are a little visual highlight.

• Elegant end caps for handlebars in silver
• Visual enhancement and customisation

Classic emblem

Inspired by the old emblems, the Classic emblem completes the Heritage look.

• Decorative aluminium badge on the front frame
• Printed black, clear finish
• Dimensions: 10.2×6.6 cm (unbent)

Cross-spoked wheels

The black anodised cross-spoked wheels perfectly supplement the classic Scrambler look. Also available as an optional extra.

• Black anodised cross-spoked wheels
• Visible off-road: classic look combined with off-road functionality
• Rim dimensions: 3.0×19 inches front / 4.5×17 inches rear
• Also available as optional extra

LED flashing turn indicators

Absolutely ground-breaking in terms of design and function. The LED turn indicators are a highlight with reduced power draw and considerably longer service life.
Also available as an optional extra.

• Attractive flashing turn indicators on stalks, with white turn indicator glass and state-of-the-art LED technology
• Enhanced safety on the road, provided by virtually zerowear LED lights
• Considerable reduction in current drain
• Also available as optional extra

Akrapovič sports silencer

The sporty slip-on silencer made of titanium with a carbon end cap gives the Scrambler a particularly dynamic appearance and a throaty sound.

• Slip-on silencer for throaty sound and reduction in weight in exclusive design
• High customisation effect with unique appearance
• Silencer is all titanium (shell, connecting pipe and internals)
• Carbon end cap
• Long connecting pipe with two carbon heat protection covers
• Weight (including connecting pipe): 2.2 kg, approximately 2.6 kg lighter than the standard part
• Torque and power are both on a par with the standard configuration
• Akrapovič logotype lasered into the side
• For one-up riding only
• Optional: cover for main-frame threaded fastener

Bracket for rear silencer

Holder made of forged aluminium for mounting the standard rear silencer with the passenger frame removed.

• Attractively shaped bracket made of forged aluminium
• Attachment of the standard rear silencer to the main frame when riding with the rear-seat frame removed
• For one-up riding only
• Optional: cover for main-frame threaded fastener

Cover for main-frame threaded fastener

When the passenger frame is removed, these covers hide the unattractive open screw connections of the main frame.

• Aluminium double sleeve for covering the open threaded fasteners when rear-seat frame is not fitted

Exhaust manifold, chrome-plated

The chrome exhaust manifold visually improves the motorcycle.

• Exhaust manifold in elegant chrome design
• Suitable for the standard silencer and the Akrapovič Sports silencer

Scrambler seat, high

The high Scrambler seat was specially designed for large riders.

• Higher seated position, particularly for tall riders
• High-quality seat surface, synthetic leather (same as standard)
• Seat height: 850 mm (standard: 820 mm)
• Seated-arc length: 1890 mm (standard: 1830 mm)
• Also available as optional extra
• Colour: Brown

Scrambler single seat bench

Classic single seat bench – better look for single riders to enjoy.

• Shorter seat with appropriate rear section
• High-quality seat surface, synthetic leather (same as standard)
• Attractive cross-stitching
• Seat height and seated-arc length same as standard
(820 mm / 1830 mm)
• Plastic rear section, black gloss finish, with BMW badge
• For one-up riding only
• Seat length: 425 mm (standard: 615 mm)
• Colour: brown, patinated

Front seat R nineT

The R nineT driver’s seat is especially for fans of the classic design.

• Standard R nineT seat
• High-quality artificial-leather seat surface
• Attractive double stitching in white
• Seat height: 825 mm (standard: 820 mm)
• Seated-arc length: 1845 mm (standard: 1830 mm)
• Colour: Black

Front seat Custom

The Custom driver’s seat with cross-stitching and Alcantara appearance provide even more customisation.

• Exclusive design for visual enhancement and customisation of the motorcycle
• Attractive side view with continuous design line from the tank to the seat
• High-quality seat surface with moulding, cross-stitching and a Alcantara appearance
• Black with white double decorative stitching
• Embroidered nineT logotype in gold
• Seat height: 815 mm (standard: 820 mm)
• Seated-arc length: 1815 mm (standard: 1830 mm)

Comfort rear seat

The comfort rear seat fits visually in the motorcycle’s look and provides extra seating comfort

• Combines increased rear-seat comfort with exclusive design
• Broader and more thickly padded than the R nineT passenger seat
• High-quality artificial-leather seat surface
• With a retaining belt
• Attractive double stitching in white
• Embroidered nineT logotype in gold, rear
• Look and material coordinated with the R nineT driver’s seat
• Colour: Black

Windscreen Scrambler

Stylish and functional: the windscreen in the design of a start-number carrier provides protection from the air stream.

• Windscreen made of coloured plastic, scratch-proof coating
• Provides protection from the air stream
• Dimensions (WxH): 24×16 cm
• Colour: Alpine white, solid paint

Heated handlebar grips

Warm hands even when ambient temperature are chilly – thanks to the two-stage grip heating. Also available as an optional extra.

• Retrofit of the optional heated handlebar grips
• Operation via multifunction switch on the right handlebar fitting
• Replacements for the existing grips (new multifunction switch for right handlebar fitting also necessary)
• Also available as optional extra

Holder for BMW Motorrad navigation system

The functional, aluminium holder visually fits the
motorcycle’s appearance and makes it possible to mount the BMW Motorrad navigation devices and the Smartphone Cradle.

• Functional, aluminium holder, cathodic dip coating
• Suitable for the BMW Motorrad Navigator V (and older), Navigator Street and for the Smartphone Cradle
• Attaches securely to handlebar clamping block
• Perfect positioning in the rider’s field of vision

Plastic cylinder-head cover guard

The cylinder-head cover guard made of fibreglassreinforced plastic protects the cylinder head from damage.

• Protection made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, shockresistant and UV-resistant
• Protects the cylinder head covers from scratches and damage caused during falls
• Underscores design and lines of the opposed-twin engine

Aluminium cylinder-head cover guard

The cylinder-head cover guard made of anodised aluminium protects the cylinder head from damage and also improves the motorcycle’s look.

• Comprehensive guard for cylinder-head covers made of anodised aluminium
• Optimal for off-road use
• Underscores design and lines of the opposed-twin engine
• BMW logotype stamped large

Aluminium engine guard

The aluminium engine guard protects the bottom of the engine against flying stones and contact with the ground or obstacles – ideal for off-road use or if the appearance is supposed to be off-road.

• Robust engine guard made of aluminium, anodised
• Protects the bottom of the engine against flying stones and contact with the ground or obstacles
• Optimal for off-road use
• Emphasizes the off-road character
• Stable holder is made of stainless steel

Protective grille for the headlights

The protective grill for the headlights is the ideal add-on when riding off-road. Only approved for off-road use (not approved for use on public roads).

• Effective protective grille made of sheet steel, cathodic dip coating, UV-resistant
• For off-roading only
• Protects the headlight against flying stones when the motorcycle is used off-road
• Diameter: approx. 190 mm
• Colour: Black

Safety plug for oil filler neck

Small but great: milled from aluminium, protects the safety screw from unauthorised access.

• Protection against theft of the cap and also to keep foreign substances from entering the oil system
• Aluminium, milled, surface anodised silver
• BMW Boxer logotype
• Supplied complete with special cranked-tip tool and Oring

Anti-theft alarm

The system responds to changes of position and to vibration with a loud audible signal and flashing hazard warning lights.

• Acoustic and visual signals as alarm in the event of change of position or vibration
• Automatically activated when the ignition is switched off
• Also available as optional extra

Other useful accessories

• Motorcycle cover
• Brake disc lock with anti-theft alarm
• BMW Motorrad warning triangle
• First-aid kit, large or small
• Battery charger
• Multifunction tool
• Compact foot pump
• Repair kit for tubeless tyres
• BMW Care Products
• Engine oil

Bike configurator