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Feb 17

New-Age Retro

The coolest uber German crotch rockets on the island!

Being in the motoring media business means that you get to see a helluva lot of cars and bikes- some cool, some not so cool, some better than the rest. Then every once in while something comes along that absolutely takes your breath away and leaves you feeling iin awe of what can be done when passion takes pride of place.

Case in point are these superb-looking BMW 1200Rs. They started their lives as your average-joe, off the showroom floor BMW 1200Rs, but BMW Motorrad Bahrain showroom manager Ali Al Asfoor had better ideas. He wanted to create something that would showcase what can be done using parts from BMW’s own catalog. The results are these drop-dead gorgeous creations that you see here; bikes that scream “ride me now!” every time you look at them.

For starters, to create the Café Racer (the one in Baby Blue), the handle bars were replaced with Café-Racer style units from BMW’s parts catalog, the bike was painted in hue that one can only describe 70’s retro, with a beautiful checkered stripe running down the centre. The rear got a pillion cover, along with deletion of the pillion foot pegs and the addition of a muffler bracket.
For the other- the Roadster, the handlebars were swapped out for a more comfortable riding position- not too huge and not too low. A performance exhaust tone, and the entire bike was custom painted in BMW’s “M” Performance colors of red, blue and turquoise, with an added dose of metal flake to make the paint shimmer. Even the saddle was custom stitched in matching “M” performance colors in leather.
Alisays “These bikes are not to everyone’s taste, but there are a select few with an eye for detail who will appreciate them greatly”.
With just these few simple touches, these 1200R twins have been transformed into couple of the most awesome-looking, show-worthy motorcycles on the island today. What’s more is that these are a one-off, so they pretty much one of one – each.