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„The Future Shack” von BMW Motorrad
Visions of the future start here
<p>It all starts here. Three protagonists will be accompanying the launch of “The Future Shack” and, together with BMW Motorrad developers, they will talk about new ideas and technologies for the mobility of the future. Episode 1 brings the Home of our Visions to life. Be inspired and delve into our Creative Space.</p>
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F 800 GS
<p>You can rely on it, whatever the route entails. Thanks to the new, more powerful engine and many other upgrades, the F 800 GS is your perfect companion for short or long trips. Pack your bag, grab your friends and off you go. Together you will explore new paths and experience unforgettable adventures. You will experience the <strong>#SpiritOfGS</strong> up close, listen to the crackling campfire and simply leave your everyday life behind.</p>
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Ride on & on & on.
New! Three years warranty for you and your new bike for all 2019 models.
<p>BMW Motorrad stands for passion, dynamism, design, technology, innovation and, above all, quality. Based on this conviction, BMW Motorrad is the first premium manufacturer to extend the statutory 24-month warranty for your new bike by one more year. Enjoy peace of mind for 36 months and free repairs if anything goes wrong during this period. For you that means three years' worth of benefits. So what are you waiting for? </p>
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Great challenges and new friendships
International GS Trophy 2022
<p>Spectacular rides through jagged rocks, sand and mud, energy-sapping challenges in the trials - the riders have given everything. In the untouched dream scenery of Albania, the ultimate off-road adventure started on September 4, 2022: the 8th Int. GS Trophy. The week-long challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that demands everything from the international participants: courage, skill and stamina. The tests that the 57 participants faced required great skill, but above all real team cohesion - pure #SpiritofGS.</p>
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Rent the legendary R 1250 GS
Let curiosity lead the way with our R 1250 GS - This service is currently not available in Bahrain
Your Rent A Ride adventure is just a few clicks away. With the BMW R 1250 GS, you can master any route with confidence and get the most out of the bike. Experience the freedom of the open road now, riding your favourite bike. This service is currently not available in Bahrain.
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R 1300 GS
The International GS Trophy 2024
Welcome to Namibia
<p>The venue of the Int. GS Trophy 2024 has been announced: the off-road adventure will be taking us to Namibia. Now that the Int. GS Trophy has travelled around all continents throughout the globe, it returns to where it all began – Africa. Namibia impresses with beautiful landscapes, what are know as the big five and many other animal species. Hot days end with crimson sunsets. The night sky that follows is overwhelming and starry. The trip to Namibia will be a unique experience with a lot of <strong>#SpiritOfGS</strong>. We can hardly wait!</p>
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„The Future Shack” by BMW Motorrad
Your future of urban mobility
<p>We have never been more mobile. Being on the move means having arrived. So far, so contemporary. But how will it be tomorrow? How do we want to live? How will we balance the desire for maximum mobility with environmental demands? How do we want to shape urban life? Like ourselves? Together with content creators, we look for answers as part of “The Future Shack” project. Logical answers. And ones that feel right. Answers that match our values. In this process, we are rethinking the future. Be inspired.</p>
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BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY
Move the way you want
<p>The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is an idea. Our idea of future mobility. We call it &quot;adaptive mobility&quot;. In the future, you will use precisely the routes you want to use. You will arrive at your destination as quickly or as relaxed as possible. And all this with the same vehicle. Some aspects of this vision are already reality: an electric drive, high individuality, a unique design.</p>
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F 900 XR
<p>XR stands for the uncompromising combination of athleticism and long-distance performance: Adrenaline for days, curve for curve. On the new F 900 XR, you can keep hunting these curves without stopping – kilometre for kilometre. Even its thrilling design promises pure performance. While the upright relaxed sitting position and the wind and weather protector show: Only one person decides when your ride is over – you.</p> <p>Thanks to the full assortment of equipment, you are just as well-equipped for sport and travel as you are for the city. The F 900 XR is the bike that matches you and your sporty attitude. <strong>#NeverStopChallenging</strong><span style="font-size: 12.0pt;font-family: Calibri , sans-serif;color: black;" lang="EN"></span></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02
Vibrantly different
<p>Your life – every day. 24 hours. A job for life and nine to five? Not for you. Time out from a time out? Your life is not a straight line. You don't live in the fast lane. You are everywhere – all the time. Always by your side: the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02. The city is full of opportunities and you are in control – because this is your life.</p>
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F 900 GS
<p>This is where it begins. Your next adventure that takes you where hardly anyone else goes. Anyone except for you and your GS. Over stones and gravel, through wind and water, into deep ditches over the and highest hills. Joy in your heart, sand in your teeth, adrenaline in your blood – fully in your element and in the <strong>#SpiritOfGS</strong> flow. </p> <p>We built the F 900 GS for precisely such experiences. The engine, the body – we have optimised everything to achieve a bike with maximum power but at a light weight. And here it is: your perfect Enduro.</p>
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LEGO® Technic™ M 1000 RR
Building like no other.
<p>You are driven by the fascinating original. It’s a passion that dominates you. For you, every detail, every millimetre, every technical feature counts. You love this feeling and bring it to life on the street, on the racetrack and now finally also at home: the first M LEGO® model ever and the largest LEGO® Technic motorcycle model to date has been created in close cooperation with LEGO® Technic designers: The LEGO® Technic M RR at a scale of 1:5. The specifications were clear – maximum precision to make what had previously been impossible possible. Parts were designed from scratch if they did not meet the strict requirements, something that was also done with the original. That’s exactly what “Born on the Racetrack. Build at home.” represents. </p>
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F 900 GS Adventure
<p>Looking for adventure? Your GS is waiting for you. Ready to explore the globe – different climates, altitudes, horizons. Our touring enduro lets you relax on your journeys. Alone or with a pillion passenger, there's enough comfort for everyone. You are living the <strong>#SpiritOfGS</strong> and know that you can always rely on yours. Whether it's short sprints or long distances, with its powerful parallel-twin engine, you can be confident in every situation. </p> <p>Start with your F 900 GS Adventure. Your next adventure awaits you.<br /> </p>
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CE 02
Urban Mobility
<p>Time to get up! A new day is waiting for you to shape it. But today is different. You are not only getting up to do your own thing. You are getting up to set something big in motion. How do you do this? You get on a new means of transport that catapults you into a new reality. In just a few seconds. Fully electric. Through narrow alleys and deep streetscapes. Through your city, which you love so much. You feel it. You are <strong>#PluggedToLife</strong>, as you change mobility – no, the world! – on the CE 02. And you look darn good doing it.</p>
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Created with strength and grace
BMW R 18 The Wal by Shinya Kimura
<p>Fuel tanks and jerseys, helmets and tools, calligraphy and photography: the workshop – or rather the wonderful and orderly chaos – of Shinya Kimura, one of the most sought-after customisers in the world (and one of the most interesting ones!), is packed with mementos and astonishing items of all kinds. No more than two or three motorcycles leave his holy halls each year. During his modification projects, he always focuses on only one bike at a time to be fully invested in the project. The flow and harmony as well as the Wabi-Sabi of Japanese aesthetics play a crucial role in this. The patina and the genuine character of the – mostly – old motorcycles are just as important to him as the essence of the future rider. After all, it’s the rider who completes the project. So it’s all the more exciting that this time Shinya has a brand-new R 18 in his workshop and the rider concerned is no less than he himself.</p>
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R 12 nineT
<p>The R nineT? As soon as you get on, you notice it straight away: Something is different. Ready to rock the road – more than ever. Ready for some customisation? Absolutely. The boxer has the same sound as always: Goosebumps from the very first moment. The bike's retro character is even more apparent from the side. And with its iconic design, this retro roadster has it all. We proudly present: the R 12 nineT.</p> <p>Got your interest? Find out everything there is to know about the R 12 nineT in autumn 2023.</p>
About the bike
Equipment range for the R 18 and R 18 Classic expanded
High-grade Option 719 parts for perfect detail customisation available from September 2021
<p>The existing range of optional equipment and the still growing range of Original BMW Motorrad accessories offer many possibilities for customizing the R 18 and R 18 Classic according to your own preferences. With the introduction of the Option 719 parts, BMW Motorrad is now adding features that enable highest-level bike customisation based on historical roots. After all, the internal code &quot;719&quot; at BMW Motorrad already stood for particularly high-quality and exclusive special equipment, unusual special requests and unique items decades ago. The new Option 719 parts will be available from September 2021. </p>
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Defined strength in a straight line
The R 18 Dragster by Roland Sands Design
<p>Roland Sands is known for his daring designs with sports racing influences. He combines styles and knows no limits. When modifying the R 18, he draws inspiration from his father’s drag racing days: He reduces the mighty cruiser to the essentials and gears it up for maximum speed on straight roads. The result is a straight-line dragster with an iconic boxer engine – the R 18 Dragster.</p>
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