The most important features of the Rever App.

A powerful app in the palm of your hand; its simple interface allows users to quickly record rides, share with friends or community, and has many other powerful navigation features.


Tracking and adding photos.

Tracking rides is a primary function of the app. Simply press the Track button, and the app begins recording your ride. Distance, duration, average speed, and elevation are recorded during your ride and added to your completed ride’s statistics. When saving your ride, you can add photos and select a motorcycle from your virtual Garage. If location services are enabled, your photos will be displayed where they were taken.

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Why REVER? Because the app is a good tool for making the community aware of new tours and discovering them. ’

Justin Bradshaw

Sharing with the community.

You decide whether to make your ride public and share it with the whole REVER community, share it with friends, or mark it private. You can also see your friends routes (planned or tracked), like them, add comments, or copy them to your ride feed.

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The challenge awaits you.

Track, clock up the kilometres and win. This is what it's all about with the various challenges you can take part in with the app. Names like all-season challenge, long-distance rider challenge and world challenge already point to the challenges. Surprises from REVER and the cooperation partners await you.

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Regardless of whether you are in Germany or Peru, with REVER you can find great new places to ride. ’

Mark Roebke

Premium version

The premium version offers even more cool features. These include the most recently developed ones. Click here to get premium!  

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